Mr. Franck Vialy has worked with and been associated with architects and Certified Accessible Specialists (CASp) in the ADA construction field for the last 15 years.

Over ten years ago Mr. Vialy independently created and designed a website www.ada-compliance.com that combined Title II and III of the American with Disability Act of 1990 up to date (ADA) compliance code in a highly organized format, making it easy to search through. Mr Vialy has been involve with internet marketing for the last 25 years.

This site is now receiving an average of 10,000 new visitors per month.

This site also compiles business guidelines for small businesses, existing facilities and contains helpful articles, checklists, investigative agencies and much more…

To complete this site and to provide as much current ADA news as possible, Mr. Vialy has dedicated himself for several years to start, design and research ADA news for his ADA blog www.ada-service.com, combining diverse ADA issues and ADA Compliance stories.

These sites became popular immediately and have assisted hundreds of thousands of people and businesses to date. When the website published a telephone number, our ADA compliance team immediately received hundreds of calls regarding demand for service and manufacturing related to ADA problems.

Not only were ADA compliant signs, door hardware, ramps, handrails, and many other items in demand, equally as important were callers looking for ADA Compliant Contractors and Specialists. The demand for information in these and so many other ADA related categories became absolutely overwhelming. This is when Mr. Vialy decided to start a comprehensive online ADA Compliant Business directory.